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Maderthoner Maschinenbau - SERVICES


Quality makes the difference

We are a modern company whose objective is to meet the continuously increasing quality demands of our customers. Thanks in no small part to our high-performance and very flexible machinery, we’re able to produce complex assemblies in addition to conventional components.

We’ll be delighted to support you and are competent in implementing your projects in the fields of

» Stainless steel processing
» Mechanical engineering
» Steel construction

Furthermore, we provide project-related assembly work and welding work at the location in question.

Our machinery:
  • 3-axle CNC machining centre
    Hurco VMX84-50i, range of travel in (X/Y/Z): 2,134/864/762 [mm], max. table load: 2,268 kg
  • 3-axle milling machines, conventional
    Droop & Rein, range of travel in (X/Y/Z): 1,715/850/800 [mm], max. table load: kg
  • 3-axle milling machines with powered rotary table, conventional
    Bohner & Köhle, range of travel in (X/Y/Z): 1,900/900/900 [mm], max. table load: kg
  • Lathe, conventional
    Optimum, max. workpiece dimensions: 3,000 x 480 [mm]
  • Lathe, conventional
    Pfeifer, max. workpiece dimensions: 800 x 300 [mm]
  • Lathe, conventional
    Weisser Gigant, max. workpiece dimensions: 1,600 x 1,100 [mm]
  • Bending press 1,500 t pressing force
    Durma AD-S 851500, max. workpiece length: 8,500 mm, max. workpiece thickness: 100 mm, stand width: 7,100 mm
  • Bending press 400 t pressing force
    Wilhelmsburger APH 400, max. workpiece length: 7.500 mm, max. workpiece thickness: 20 mm, stand width: 5,100 mm
  • Bending press 120 t pressing force
    Durma HAP 30120, max. workpiece length: 3 000 mm, max. workpiece thickness: 6 mm, stand width: 2 500 mm
  • Straightening press 400 t pressing force
    Hugh Smith Machine Tools, max. workpiece size: 1 900 mm width , 840 mm height