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Maderthoner Maschinenbau - Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering

In-house developments and order processing

The corporate division of mechanical engineering is mainly linked to stainless steel. The emphasis here is also on the food industry. We manufacture based on customer requirements, but we also have our own developments which have multiple applications in the field of food production. Examples of this are:

One thing worth highlighting in particular is our loosening machine, which we developed in-house. It is for separating foods which tend to stick to each other. Examples of this are raisins, mangos and various other dried fruits, which form an almost inseparable bond after being removed from the box.
Using the machine leads to noticeable added value, for example in the production of mixed nuts as the initially solid mass can be further processed without any problems after being processed by the machine.
The machine is also available with product feed or discharge.

Video: Our declumping machine in use

Another fundamental area of our company is the design and production of conveyor machines (riser/conveyor belts and vibration chutes), which are mainly used in the food industry.
From dried fruit and nuts to sweets – depending on the application, machines can be designed according to the customer’s needs and wishes.
Feel free to get in touch about this – our many years of experience will help find a tailor-made solution for your company.