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Maderthoner Maschinenbau - Stainless steel processing

Stainless steel processing

Focus: food industry

The material stainless steel is known to be the first choice for observing hygiene standards in food production. The reason for this is its resistance to corrosion and its resistance to external environmental influences. In addition, no harmful materials or particles are left in the food. The benefits of this material are completed by the fact that it’s very easy to clean.

We recognised the business potential for us years ago and put an emphasis on processing stainless steel. Our range of stainless steel products includes:

  • Platforms for elevating and positioning scales for bulk solids
  • Conveyor technology and product feeds: vibration conveyors and conveyor belts
  • Storage containers and transport containers for food for further processing in production
  • Loosening machines for separating fruits stuck together
The high quality design of components and machines is the top priority here and can be adapted to customer requirements or put in serial production.